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March 2, 2011 - from Brandy O. in Fort Bragg, CA 

(Brandy works at the largest grow supply distributor in the country) 

"I have great feed back to share with you regarding your amazing product! I live in Fort Bragg California (Mendocino County). People around here love organic fertilizers. At first I gave my local stores four bags of Insect Frass to hand out to customers. When I came back they were screaming for more! I had a customer of mine do a comparison between bat guano and Insect Frass. The Insect Frass far succeeded the plant growth. So I went ahead and gave all of my local stores one case each. (That was about a week ago). Friday I am going to go out to a few local shops and see what else they have to say about your product. Last week I took a trip to Humboldt and dispersed samples of Insect Frass. My customers are really fascinated with the fertilizer, being that it is insect guano. They love that the NPK is a 2-2-2. I also point out the packaging, and that it is made local! My customers are all about supporting local companies and growing organically. I am honestly shocked how much positive feed back I have been hearing. In the past, new products have been hard for me to push. Insect Frass has been the most successful new product that I have tried pushing in stores..."  

October 16, 2011 - from Corey S. in Vermont "Hello, I am a guerilla grower in the green mountains of Vermont. I am happy to give my input on Frass. Here in Vermont our cold season comes quick, so early strains, and good fertilizer is a must. I have always shied away from organic fertilizer because I couldn’t find any that was able to produce as much yield, as chemicals until Frass. I did a comparison with a few patches using what I have used for years, Dutch passion 2 part chemical mixture. The other I used insect frass. I was hesitant because I have never been a fan of organics so I only used it on a patch of 23. Within a month of the vegetative cycle I noticed a difference between the 2. The patch with the frass seemed to be a more lush green, and the stalks were thicker. I have a large patch of just over 300 plants.So we decided to use frass on the large patch as well. We have a drum system buried in the ground that we fill for irrigation. We switched the chemicals with frass, and hoped for the best. I was shocked to see the results of this product. Especially being there was little to no damage to our whole crop. Also we finished 2 weeks earlier than last year, and had some monster plants! In the past we have had to stop chemicals to flush our plants so that we could achieve better taste and less harsh final product because we grow for a lot of medical patients. I took the chance, and used frass up to days before harvest, following the easy recommendations on the bag. The taste was excellent, and everyone was extremely pleased with final product. So keep up the good work guys, I’m sold on frass! Anyone who is hesitant to give up chemicals, take it from me. Don’t knock it till you try it! Frass worked for me!"  

November 9, 2011 - from C. McKenna in Leavenworth, WA "I am constantly amazed by your frass!...I usually keep my most productive inputs close to my chest, but I just can't keep this a secret..."  

November 18, 2011 - from J. F. "...I've got to tell you: This stuff really works! I applied a full-strength extract to new seedlings on two alternate days, and they're showing vigorous new growth."

November 22, 2011 - from RD in Arcata, CA "I premixed 1/2 cup of frass per cubic foot of soil (half the recommended dosage) at the beginning of the summer and top dressed 4 times over the season with foliar treatments every 2 weeks. My plants finished 17 days earlier than ever before, in the same ground I've been cultivating for the past 12 years! Last year I lost a significant amount of crops to botrytis and pm... This season I didn't lose any yield at all, and humidity was 30% higher than typical. Unbelievable! One word of caution, frass seems to stimulate early flowering, so outdoor growers should use extra nitrogen in veg. As soon as you want then to flip, reduce N levels to normal and watch what happens. Also, make sure your row spacing is sufficient. We had to increase row spacing by about 50% in our second run,( especially becuz we upped the dosage to 1 cup per cf). We were blown away by The lateral growth and additional crown sets. My neighbors have all dropped in to see what I was doing differently this year. I told them, it's the Frass man! You have a great product, and I'm sure the organic movement will embrace it as I have. We are huge fans! Thanks for all the feedback along the way. Peace"

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