Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: What is Insect Frass?

A: Insect Frass is the excrement of herbivore insects.

Q: What do you feed the insects?

A: Vegetables, Cactus and Wheat Bran

Q: What are the little golden flakes and little black bits in the Frass?

A: Insect exoskeleton parts. They get through the sifter due to their size. They are beneficial.

Q: Does Insect Frass work with hydroponics and soil?

A: Yes, follow the particular Feeding Chart on the next page. Click on the tab above "Using Frass" to learn how to use Frass with other recommended organic inputs to improve yield and flavor. Go 100% Organic!

Q: How do I use Insect Frass?

A: It’s best to pre-mix into a growing media or soil, but if you’re plants are already started, add Insect Frass to water and root drench, or top dress and water thoroughly. See Feeding Chart by clicking above on "Using Frass" for specific directions.

Q: Will Insect Frass work as an Organic base-nutrient source?

A: Yes. All you need to add is a little gypsum or calcium carbonate (depending on your pH), and a little Nitrogen in the vegetative growth phase. See Feeding Chart.

Q: Can I use Insect Frass in my compost tea?

A: Yes. Insect Frass is a superb fungal food. Substitute for fish hydrolysate.

Q: Should I use Insect Frass foliarly?A: Yes. Add just 2 teaspoons per gallon water. Let sit for 30 minutes, then apply.

Q: Is Insect Frass 100% soluble?A: No. If you’re using a drip system or using foliarly, make sure to strain Insect Frass with a sock or women’s nylon. If you don’t have a strainer, you can put Frass in a container with water, stir, let sit for 30 minutes, then use just the top portion. The solids will settle at the bottom of the container.

Q: How do use Insect Frass if I have a drip system? 

A: Pre-mix Insect Frass into your grow medium if possible. If your plants are already started make an extract by putting 1 Tbsp to ½ cup per gallon water for full strength organic nutrient base, and root drench by hand into each plant. If you’re using a separate nutrient feeding program only use 1 tablespoon per gallon.

Q: Where can I buy Insect Frass?

A: Right here on our website or you can ask your local hydroponic store or nursery to request Insect Frass from their distributor.  If they can’t get it for you, or you just can’t wait to try it, email us and let us know from which store you would like to purchase it, and we will make every effort to get them to carry it! 

Try it. We think you will love it! We guarantee it