Organic 2-2-2 Fertilizer

Organic 2-2-2 Fertilizer

Organic 2-2-2 Fertilizer Organic 2-2-2 Fertilizer


Insect Frass is insect poop (like guano or worm castings). 

In all natural ecosystems, insects feed on and digest vegetation, and give it right back to the soil in the form of nature's perfect plant food, Insect Frass! 

Plants Benefit Insects & Insects Benefit Plants!

100% Organic fertilizer, and so much more ... Insect Frass naturally contains all the primary and secondary nutrients plants require.  Insect Frass also contains every functional group of beneficial biology nature has to offer! 

Give your plants all the benefits of Insect Frass, without the bugs! 

what is insect frass not?


Insect Frass is NOT a pesticide.

For Best Results - Pre-mix into your soil and Top Dress starting 2 -3 weeks after planting. Sprinkle a little Insect Frass over the root zone once it disappears into the soil or if your plant starts to "relax" - your plant will tell you when it wants more!

Insect Frass is NOT a fungicide.

Apply Insect Frass foliarly as a "Compost Tea" without the compost (Insect Frass mixes well with all typical compost tea ingredients) Just add Insect Frass to water and let it steep for 2 - 48 hours to allow all the biology to wake up and multiply, then apply right onto the leaves and or soil. WARNING: Do not apply directly to leaves in direct sunlight or in excessively warm temperatures.

Insect Frass will NOT put insects into your garden.

When you put Insect Frass on or near your plants, they "think" they are being attacked by insects, so they start to protect themselves from their predators. 

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